Cambridge Law Studio is different from other schools because we understand what employers want from working lawyers.

We constantly consult employers such as law firms, banks and international corporations about their needs. They all tell us the same thing. They say they need lawyers with practical skills. Lawyers who can negotiate international deals, draft and amend contracts and write opinions and formal letters professionally and accurately. However, employers tell us what they’re really searching for are lawyers who have a very rare quality: ‘commercial awareness’.

At Cambridge Law Studio practical skills and commercial awareness are the key targets of every lesson. You will certainly leave us with much better English language skills than when you arrived. However, you will also know more about the enormous difference between the English you need to understand a contract law lecture and the English you really need to negotiate and draft a commercial contract. You will also know more about the English you really need to advise a client on setting up a business, advising on local law or avoiding bankruptcy. We specialise exclusively in assisting students whose first language is not English.

There are hundreds of schools offering English lessons that help with academic law. There’s only one Cambridge Law Studio.