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The world’s leading English exam for lawyers, law students and legal translators

TOLES means Test of Legal English Skills. At the end of our Legal English courses we offer students the opportunity to take the prestigious TOLES Advanced exam at no extra cost.



Of the many different English exams available, TOLES is favoured by many law firms and other employers when selecting or promoting employees. The TOLES certificates in legal English are the most accurate and relevant that you can possess.

  • TOLES was the first international legal English examination. It is the undisputed market leader and has 12 years of proven accuracy. The accuracy of the certificates has satisfied candidates, law firms and other employers.
  • TOLES is 100% practical. It meets the needs of global law firms rather than being dominated by the theories of English language teachers. For this reason it is well respected by international law firms, who recognise its relevance, practicality and accuracy.
  • There is no speaking element to TOLES. Law firms report that they are easily able to assess a lawyer’s oral English skills at interview. Law firms are looking for evidence of: good understanding of written contracts, strong drafting skills, accurate writing in letters, opinions and emails.
  • As TOLES is designed as a practical, relevant exam for use by law firms, it contains no superfluous, contrived speaking elements.
  • The TOLES series are no-fail exams. All students will receive a certificate and explanatory statement reflecting their ability in legal English.

About your TOLES Advanced exam

We offer this exam on the last day of the course. The exam usually takes place in the morning. You will receive your certificate after approximately 6 weeks.

TOLES Advanced is the third level of the TOLES exam series. The exam tests a candidate’s ability to use the authentic legal English required by international law firms. At this level, candidates receive a score out of a possible 500 points and there are six grade bands assessed by colour. Green is the lowest score and Gold is the highest.

Time: 2 hours
Skills: Reading and writing
Focus: Legal Language in an authentic context
Level of general English required: Intermediate

This prestigious qualification is the highest level TOLES exam. It consists of one 2 hour reading and writing paper. Active, accurate knowledge and use of legal vocabulary is tested, together with the skills that are part of a lawyer’s everyday life – letter writing, understanding and explaining complex legal documents and appropriate use of drafting as used by a modern commercial lawyer. It is suitable for lawyers, translators, interpreters and law students.

Explanation of Grades

The aim of the TOLES Advanced examination is to provide a scheme of assessment against which candidates, employers and universities may measure achievement and progress. The grades provide a continuous measure of professional competence to any party interested in measuring an individual’s ability in practical legal English skills.

The examination provides a series of six progressively graded results, which are designed to comment exclusively upon legal professionals whose first language is not English. They move from a very low level of proficiency (GREEN 0-100) up to an advanced level of proficiency which approaches native-level ability (GOLD 451-500). Only the most outstanding of candidates are able to achieve the three highest grades.

GOLD (451-500) This candidate has excellent general English skills and is assessed as having EXCELLENT legal English skills.
ORANGE (401-450) This candidate has very good general English skills and is assessed as having VERY GOOD legal English skills.
RED (301-400) This candidate has well-above average English skills and GOOD legal English skills.
PURPLE (201-300) This candidate has good general English skills and is assessed as having SATISFACTORY legal English skills.
BLUE (101-200) This candidate probably has an above average level of general English and is assessed as having APPROACHING SATISFACTORY legal English skills.
GREEN (0-100) This candidate may well have a good knowledge of general English but is assessed as having ONLY BASIC Legal English.


For more information on TOLES and to purchase TOLES materials please visit the TOLES website.